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Amy Fariello – Millbourne Headshot Photography

Headshot Photography In Millbourne, PA

One of the most popular services a photographer can offer is headshot photography. No matter what position or business you’re in, almost everyone can find a use for headshots. Sometimes, you might see businesses post their employee’s headshots to their websites to add a genuine and personal touch. You might also notice individuals use headshots on their personal websites, social media platforms, and portfolios. In this day and age, many people have their own side gig or a particular niche that they focus on. Are you one of these people? Amy was! I was honored to photograph Amy Fariello’s headshot photography session. It was a pleasure to capture these classic images for her. 

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What Headshots Are All About

So, we talked about who might need a headshot. From entrepreneurs to big-wig companies, to home-makers and influencers – it’s important to make a good first impression. 

Okay – but what exactly is a headshot? Let me break it down.

Headshots are exactly as it states – photos of your head and face. But, it is much more than that. It puts that face to a name and to a company, product, gig, or service. It’s a quick look at who you are. They are typically all-business, meaning, most people use these for business purposes. However, personal life and business life become even more blended through social media, the internet, advertisements, billboards, and so much more. We see these headshots on LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, and other relevant platforms.

I get asked a lot if portraits are the same as headshots. Not particularly. There are a few differences that set these two apart. Headshots focus on a person’s face only. Yes, head and shoulders are included. In the background, there are no props or vivid and distracting backgrounds. Don’t get me wrong, this doesn’t mean you have to have a plain background. It simply means not letting a background overpower the main focus – you. 

Let’s talk briefly about portraits for a moment. Portraits can meet other needs. Portrait photography can be waist up or full-length images. They might even include props and different types of settings or backgrounds.

It’s All About You

What clients envision plays an essential role. People come from all sorts of walks of life, so it’s my job as a professional photographer in Millbourne to decide what would benefit the client more. Is there a location the client wants to shoot at? What type of background would make them stand out? What exactly are they looking for? Again, these are simple questions I always ask my clients.

One huge bonus about headshots? It’s over and done in no time at all. They don’t take much time from your schedule, whether they are done in my studio or if I come to your location. 

My main goal as a photographer is to bring out the best of you and make you comfortable in front of the camera. Once you relax, your absolute best side shines through images. Trust me, I understand your nerves. Getting your picture taken up close and personal is vulnerable. Maybe you might think they’ll do the opposite of what you hope. I often hear, “I’m not photogenic.” This is so common and completely normal. Everyone has the ability to be photogenic. Again, this is my job to guide you through the process. 

If you are ready to take your profession, gig, niche, or whatever you might do in life to the next level, now is the time to invest in headshot photography. Let’s bring out your best angles and highlight your features. Allow me to coach you through a series of poses and provide feedback. You won’t be disappointed! Click here to reach out today. Your time is now! 

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